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RS EcoConsult

RS Eco Consult

Sue Milton-Dean (PhD) & W. Richard J. Dean (PhD)


Ecological Consulting

1. Botanical surveys and specialist assessment

2. Veld assessment (grazing capacity)

3. Baseline veld monitoring

4. Ecological restoration advice for Karoo 

SACNSP Professional Natural Scientist (Reg. No. 400047/08)

SACNASP Registration Certificate 2017-2018


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SJ Milton CV                  WRJ Dean CV


Reports on Veld Restoration and Ecological Management

Click here to read the following documents on the WCRO website:

Milton, S.J. Rapid Assessment Method for Renosterveld, 2007.

Milton, S.J. Feasibility and benefits of veld rehabilitation following control of invasive Prosopis in the Calvinia area, 2010.

Milton, S.J. & Dean, W.R.J. 2010. The basis for sustainable business in the Karoo: bringing together ecological and economic issues. Journal of Development Support 2: 58 - 66   Our thanks to Prof Doreen Atkinson, the editor of “Journal of Development Support”, for permission to put this publication on our website.  

Milton, S.J. Road-verge Vegetation Management Guidelines for Eden District Municipality, 2011. Table Mountain Fund (TMF) via the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) sponsored the roadside biodiversity management training project.


Advisors and Collaborators


Conservation Management Services 



Southern African Wildlife Management Association






Aurecon South Africa (Pty)


      C4 EcoSolutions

South African Environmental Observation Network               SANBI 
South African National Biodiversity Institute               CSIR
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research




Sue Milton-Dean (PhD) & Richard Dean (PhD)
       RS EcoConsult
        Karoo veld assessment, vegetation surveys, specialist impact assessment

        PO Box 47 Prince Albert 6930 South Africa
        Tel /Fax evenings +27 (0)23 5411 828, Mobile Sue 082 770 0206, Richard 079 517 3693

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