Renu-Karoo Veld Restoration

Renu-Karoo Veld Restoration


Sue Milton-Dean (PhD) & W. Richard J. Dean (PhD)


RENU-KAROO is developing indigenous seed orchards and local skills to restore mining and grazing damage in arid Karoo As part of their commitment to sharing benefits of the indigenous nursery and restoration business with the local community, Renu-Karoo provides free Environmental Education via the Wolwekraal Conservation and Research Organisation. Visit this site by clicking here


Our Mission

To make ecological restoration with locally indigenous plants a sought-after service in the Central Karoo, thereby sustaining ecological services and generating sustainable livelihoods.

The project will train people in new skills and provide employment opportunities in this under-resourced region. We believe that our products and services will encourage farming, engineering and development enterprises to invest corporate funds into rangeland restoration and the seed production industry, ensuring its sustainability. Our business will contribute towards improved rangeland management and restoration by providing professional advice and trained personnel to implement vegetation restoration. As a first step toward achieving our goals, seed collectors (with approval of Cape Nature, Central, Karoo District Roads, and the local Municipality) are gathering indigenous seeds from road reserves and public land.

Our Vision

To supply locally indigenous seeds and plants and to develop expertise in seed collection, horticulture and ecological restoration work within the village of Prince Albert, and beyond. To heighten awareness of our services and to develop our knowledge base we will establish demonstration trials on communal rangeland and involve students in restoration research.


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TEDx TALK by Sue Milton and Richard Dean 2012, Why restore unproductive semidesert? Environmental awareness and practical skills development as spin-offs from a Karoo veld restoration business. 

TEDx Prince Albert, 2012.09.01 Can be viewed at